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Page 14 The Herald, Wednesday, May 8, 1 991 our town tion Complex. Ninety-six men and women received their pins, signifying completion of the associate degree nursing program at the university. Members of the class from Loogootee were Sheri Jeneath Bowling, Le Ann Burn worth and Alisha Ann Hopkins. Mr. and Mrs.

Kevin Hunt of Owens boro, announce the birth of a daughter, Stephanie Anne, on Wednesday, April 24, at the Owens boro Daviess County Hospital. She weighed 8 pounds. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. William Hunt of Loogootee and Mr.

and Mrs. Jon Reale of Rantoul, 111. Great-grandparents are Helen Sbeetz of Loogootee and Catherine Bolser of Rantoul, 111. The winners at the opening day of the Little League baseball season were Jason Green, Ryan Burch, Craig Bauer, Kayla Mat-tingly, Megan Green, Dustin Cramer, Waylon Sourdike, Brett Bradley, Pete Smith, Bobby Emmons, Benson Trout, John Greenwell, Dusty Williams and Brandon Chandley. Sunday in the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Jim Freeman at Shoals. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Self returned home on Friday following an extended visit in the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Tim Self in Austin, Texas, to get acquainted with Lee Ann, their new granddaughter. Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Neal Kearby were Mr.

and Mrs. Everett Self and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ra-gains of French Lick. Mr.

and Mrs. Gene Hall were in Knoxville, Friday night to attend the graduation exercises at Johnson Bible College, where Mark Begarly was a graduate. They spent the night in the home of Brother and Mrs. Mark Begarly in Maryville and on Saturday went on to Nashville. Mr.

and Mrs. Rawleigh Phillips of Arizona visited Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Everett Self. Mr.

and Mrs. Jack Moore of Haysville also visited. Visiting Delia Morgan were Mr. and Mrs. David Lake and Bryant Tusing of Bloomington, Mr.

and Mrs. Donald Jackson of Mount Vernon and Jewell Jackson of Haysville. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hall, while in Knoxville, visited Julie Leaser and Doni Wilson, who are students at Johnson Bible College.

Daniel Hall spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Hall, and Bridgett and Adrienne spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs.

Guy Padgett in Loogootee. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Hall and Kevin visited Mr. and Mrs.

Floyd Hall ning Sunday evening. The Santa Claus Extension Homemakers Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 13, at the home of Diane Balbach. It is the annual guest night. Diane and Teresa Deller are the hostesses, and Rachel Huebschman and Louise Held are the co-hostesses.

Bea Martin will have the devotions and household hint Beatrice Martin, Virginia Mehl-ing, Bettye Meyer, Teresa Deller and Glenda Ferguson attended the county Achievement Day of the extension homemakers at Chris-ney Thursday evening. Valley View By MRS. NEAL KEARBY Herald Correspondent Brother Craig Chestnut was morning speaker at Nicholson Valley Christian Church Sunday morning and will be at church again on Sunday, May 12. Bible study at the church on Sunday night will be at 7:30. Bible school will be held at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday through Friday, May 28-31, and Saturday morning, June 1, for final lesson, followed by commencement exercises and fun and games for the children and hot dogs and snacks at noon. In the evening a benefit for Charlie and Patty will be held around 5 p.m. at the West Baden shelter-house. A pitch-in and hymn sing feature the Son Shiners and others. Mr.

and Mrs. Everett Self and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Self visited Otwell gether at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Dick Kabrick honoring Helen Roeder. Gloria and Randy Nelson of Otwell, Amanda Nelson of Oakland City and Chris Campbell spent the weekend with Jess Nelson of Indianapolis. They attended a birthday party for Chris Nelson celebrating his first birthday. Randy Nelson and Chris Young remained in Indianapolis, where they will be working for Jess Nelson. Maggie Helton visited Sunday afternoon with Mr.

and Mrs. Jeff Garland and family of the Vincent community. A family gathering was held at Pride's Creek Park in Petersburg Saturday. Attending were Mr. and Mrs.

William F. Wineinger of Al-ford; Mr. and Mrs. Gil Sievers of Princeton; Mr. and Mrs.

Bill Street of Loogootee; Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Doane, Joshua and Benjamin, of Boonville: Mr. and Mrs. Gene Boger.

Aric and Abby, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hill, Mindy, John and Katie, Shirley Wineinger, Jessie Whaley and Mary Catherine Padgett of Otwell; Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Wineinger, Nate and Logan, and Mel ba Howard of Petersburg; Mr.

and Mrs. Lloyd Wineinger and Jenny and Sharon Wineinger of Indianapolis Rena Jackson and Greg Hensley of Noblesville: and the honored guest, Sgt. Roy J. Wineinger of Fort Campbell, who recently returned from Operation Desert Storm. Sunday dinner guests of Bertha Mosby were Mr.

and Mrs. Greg Gray and daughter, Megan, of Velpen and Mr. and Mrs. John Luker. Another guest this week was Ray Mosby.

Santa CI a us By BEATRICE MARTIN Herald Correspondent Walter Reinke is a patient in St. Joseph's Hospital, where he had surgery on Friday. He is doing well. Mr. and Mrs.

Cornelius Collig-non. Beth and Danny, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gerlach in Tell City to celebrate Oscar's birthday. Mary Jane Griepenstroh, Dorothy Youngblood.

Iona Hesson and Beatrice Martin attended the Derby Dinner Playhouse in Clarks-ville Tuesday evening. They saw "Steel Magnolias." Dora Reinke was a dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Mehringer, Chad and Gina, in Jasper Sunday. They celebrated Gina Meh-ringer's and Joe Dawson's birthdays.

Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dawson, Jason and Jennifer, of New burgh. Helen (Martin) Schaaf, a resident of the community for many years, died Saturday evening at St. Joseph's Hospital in Huntingburg.

Dora Reinke visited Hilda Han- Loogootee By MARY LEDGER WOOD Herald Correspondent "Unchained Melodies" was the theme for the 1991 Loogootee High School prom on April 27 at the high school gym. Ninety-four couples took part in the grand march in the black, gold and white decorated gym. Julie McAtee was crowned queen, and Pat Todd was crowned king at the grand march. To complete the prom royalty, Karen Bledsoe was crowned princess and Joe Lukomski was crowned prince. The other competing queen candidates were Kim Wagler, Nikki Wagler, Aimee Kieffner and Mindy Nail.

Other candidates for prom king were Kent Green well, Chad Wade, Jeff Bowling and Jim Wagler. Other candidates for princess were Deeanna Lavely, Leslie Wade, Erin Crays and Terri Blume. Danny Christmas, Jason Arthur, Ryan Biggs and Chad Walker were the other candidates for prince. The post-prom open house was held at the Loogootee Elementary East Gym following the grand march until 9:30 p.m. Opening day ceremonies for the Loogootee Little League were held on April 27 at the baseball park.

Plaques were presented to Susie Klingle in memory of the late Danny Klingle for his dedication to the Little League program; to the first board of directors, Mike Strawn, Virgil Wininger, Tom Walker, Don Sterling, Bill Downey Jr. and George Woods; to Keith and Joanne Greenwell for their years of service to the Loogootee Little League; and Volunteer of the Year Award to Keith Greenwell. The 1991 officers for the Little League are Mike Kirk, president; Jake Richer, vice president; Larry Weitkamp, secretary; Terry Street, treasurer; Lee Wininger, safety officer; Dave Smith, Major League representative; Shawn Truelove, Minor League representative; and Marsha Street, ladies' auxiliary. The top candy sales winners were Major League, Kris Frided; Pee-Wee League, Ryan Fuhrman and Minor League, Josh Fee. A bridal shower was held for Tonya Thompson, bride-elect of Tracy Wenzel, on April 20.

Games were played and prizes were won by Gayle Abel, Gail Graber, Jan Schuetz, Mary Lynn Walker and Shannon Graber. The door prize was won by Lisa Arvin. Hostesses for the shower were Tamra Thompson, Tammy Lan-nan, Sheri Richard and Tawni Schultheis, the chosen attendants. Members of the 1991 associate degree nursing class at Vincennes University received their nursing pins in a public ceremony on April 28 held in the VU Physical Educa Answers To The Quiz are in a PERMANENT FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK ADVERTIsem*nT (10 point for each question answered correctly) WORLDSCOPE By FLEETA HAYES Herald Correspondent A carry-in dinner for the retirees of Memorial Hospital will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Saturday, May 18, at the Otwell Community Center. All former employees of the hospital are invited to renew acquaintances. Visiting Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Catt and helping Catt celebrate his birthday were Mr.

and Mrs. Jerry Catt and daughter, Barbara, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Lowry and daughter, Cathern, of Marshall, 111. Mr.

and Mrs. David Catt, Kevin and Derek, and Tony Catt and friend of Velpen; Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Doades, Amy and Mike; Delta Doades; Jackie Watford; and Gerald and Tracy Catt. Attending a cookout at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Greg Helton of Winslow in observance of their son, Cory's, 4th birthday were Mr. and Mrs. Ermal Hale, Mr. and Mrs.

Rex Hoppes of Petersburg; Mr. and Mrs. Tim Oxley of Lynn-ville; Ruby Tate, Maggie Helton of Otwell; the honored guest, Cory; his sisters, Whitney and Kristen; and the hosts. Joan Whitehead of Evansville and her mother, Oline Whitehead of Otwell, have returned home after spending several days at Bark-ley Lake, Ky. Bruce Weathers, who has been living in Daytona Beach, had moved back to his home with his parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Jack Weathers. Dustin Weathers of Washington is spending two weeks with his father, Bruce, and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weathers.

Mr and Mrs. Craig Himsel's name was unintentionally omitted from those attending the get-to 1) Endeavour, the newest member of the NASA space shuttle fleet, made its public debut a few days age in California. The Endeavour Is the replacement for Challenger, which blew up In January of killing all seven crew members. 2) Nelson Mandela accused the of racism for Its recent decision to lift sanctions against South Africa. c-Japan 3) Experts are guarded but hopeful about talks recently begun between Protestant unionists and Catholic nationalists over the fate of 4) German Chancellor Helmut Kohl recently sided with many other Germans who want their newly reunited nation's government moved from Bonn back to 5) the mayor of Washington DC, recently said she favored restoring the right to use corporal punishment in the C.

schools. NEWSNAME (IS points for correct answer or answers) Sycamore 9.90 Sale MATCHWORPS (2 point for each correct match) 1 fleet a -bodily 2 debut grouping 3 sanction theme 4 corporal punishment 5 keynote beginning PEOPLESPORTS (S points for each correct answer) 1) Reclusive author J.D. Salinger, best-known for his 1951 book recently turned down an award from Brandeis University, calling it "a mistake." 2) Composer Carmine Coppola, father of director and producer Francis Ford Coppola, died recently at the age of 80. Coppola shared an Oscar with Nino Rota in 1974 for the score to his son's movie 3) Diego Maradona. the former captain of (CHOOSE ONE: Brazil's.

Argentina's) World Cup soccer team, has been arrested on drug charges and may be out of the game for good. 4) After last weekend's victory over winless Raletgh-Durham the Monarchs of (CHOOSE ONE: London. Birmingham) were the only undefeated team left in the WLAF. 5) in something of a surprise, the Minnesota North Stars defeated the St. Louis Blues to move into the (CHOOSE ONE: Wales.

Campbell) Conference finals of the NHL Our entire stock of regularly priced cotton woven shirts are now on sale for 9.90, regularly 12.00-18.00. Now thru Sunday Sycamore GERMANTOWN SHOPPING CENTER ALSO IN WASHINGTON. TELL CITY AND EVANSVILLE I was the keynote speaker at a recent gathering of black mayors, even though I am not a mayor myself. Who am I and what is my position in government? YOUR SCORE: 91 to 100 points TOP SCORE 61 to 90 point Excrtert. 71 to 80 points Good.

61 lo 70 points K. Knowledge Unlimited, Inc. 5-6-91 I IE.

The Herald from Jasper, Indiana (2024)
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