Journey to the Depths of the Internet – The Deep Web, Dark Web and Marianas Web Unveiled - Softonic (2024)

We have all heard of the Deep Web, that hidden part of the Internet beyond the reach of search engines like Google. This Deep Internet is shrouded in mystery and urban legends because if we dive into its waters we reach the Dark Web. Evil tongues say that it is possible to find the unthinkable here, from drugs and child p*rnography to hackers, hired killers and even organ trafficking. But… What lies beyond this cyber nightmare environment? Many have heard its name but few know what its pages hide. We are talking about Marianas Web.

In today’s article we are going to delve into the dark side of the Internet and explain what is the Deep Web, the Dark Web and end up in that dark place known as the Marianas Web. Will you join us?

What is the Deep Web?

To understand the concepts of Deep Web, Dark Web or Manianas Web, first of all it is necessary to talk a little about the structure of the Internet. It is often compared to a huge iceberg divided into two sections: The Surface Web or Shallow Internet and the Deep Web or Submerged Internet.

The Surface Web, also known as Clearnet, is made up of all the content on the Internet that has been indexed by search engines such as Google or Bing. It comprises 10% of all the pages on the Internet and, being easily accessible with a simple search, it resembles the visible part of an iceberg.

The Deep Web represents the remaining 90% of the pages on the Internet. These are not indexed and therefore impossible to access using any commercial search engine. Since all the content of this Invisible Web is hidden from the eyes of search engines, it is often represented as the submerged part of an Iceberg.

As for the content of the Deep Web, here you will find all kinds of unindexed web pages, databases, private pages, emails stored in servers, files uploaded to the cloud, etc. Any page that cannot be found with the search engine becomes part of this Deep Internet.

Journey to the Depths of the Internet – The Deep Web, Dark Web and Marianas Web Unveiled - Softonic (1)

What is the Dark Web?

If you are a fan of the Internet or horror films, you have surely heard of the term “Dark Web” on more than one occasion. It is usually depicted as a creepy and dangerous place in the depths of the Internet where all kinds of content from your worst nightmare awaits you. But… What really is this dark part of the Internet?

Now that you know the structure of the Internet, it will be very easy for you to understand what the Dark Web is. This is the deepest part of the Deep Web and occupies 0.1% of the Internet content. What is the main difference between the Dark Web and the Deep Web? Its content.

The fact is that the content hidden in the Dark Web is found in the depths of the Internet for two fundamental reasons:

  1. It is illegal – It is well known that the Dark Web hosts pages with all kinds of illegal content and services (p*rnography, sale of drugs and weapons, hacker recruitment service, sale of premium accounts, counterfeiting, etc.).
  2. Fear of reprisals – It is common for users from regions of the world where freedom of expression is considered a prison sentence or death sentence to turn to the Dark Web to share their experiences and thoughts as well as to denounce their situation.
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How can I enter the Deep Web?

Accessing the Deep Web and its content is not complicated. All you need is a browser compatible with the TOR network (The Onion Router). One of the best known and used is TOR Browser. It is very easy to use but if you need help, Softonic has a step-by-step guide on how to install TOR Browser and start surfing the Deep Web.

If TOR does not convince you, you can also opt for the Brave browser. It is very similar to Chrome and besides being very secure and fast, it allows you to browse using TOR just by opening a tab. You can download it quickly and safely below.

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Brave Browser DOWNLOAD

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Marianas Web: The Internet underworld

Now that you know the structure of the Internet, you may wonder: Is there anything beyond the Dark Web? As usual, the hidden and mysterious attracts human beings and this hidden space of the Internet has ceased to be an unknown to take shape through the myths and urban legends that roam the Net. We are talking about Marianas Web, the darkest corner of the Internet.

Taking its name from the Marianas Trench, Marianas Web is the deepest part of the Internet and is rumored to be a forbidden place to which only the most astute and brave have access. Here would be the darkest secrets of all mankind, from the secret archives of the Vatican and the databases of intelligence agencies to the location of the Holy Grail or Atlantis. In short, it would be El Dorado for any conspiracy lover worldwide.

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The dark side of Marianas Web

Marianas Web is one of the most enigmatic and unknown places on the Web. It is not surprising that many Internet pages and forums speculate about its possible content. If it exists, Marianas Web could be a Dantesque scenario where the most grotesque nightmares could be hosted online.

Much of the rumors on the Internet associate Marianas Web as a haven for criminals and hackers from all over the world looking for new business and victims. It also appears to be a place where activities such as money laundering are carried out in addition to freely trafficking drugs and weapons of all kinds.

However, if Marianas Web is known for something, it is for the many rumors about its violent content. In it we could find images of torture and videos of child exploitation in addition to being able to request this grotesque content on demand by paying crypto. Also here would be the famous Red Rooms, rooms where victims of human trafficking would be auctioned and people would pay to watch them being murdered. Myth or reality? Fortunately, everything points to the fact that all these are nothing more than urban legends.

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Does Marianas Web really exist?

Doing a few Google searches and Internet forums you can find thousands of forums that talk about this hidden place on the Internet and even detail its levels. However, no one has ever been able to access it. In order to have access to Marianas Web it would be necessary to have a quantum computer (which are still under development) and also to be familiar with an algorithm called Falcighol Polymeric Derivation of which no one can prove its existence. While the rumors of Marianas Web are undoubtedly real, as of today we can neither prove nor disprove its existence. We can only state that it is highly unlikely that such a place would be found on the Internet.

Beyond the Deep Web

We hope this article has helped you learn a little more about the Deep Web, Dark Web and Marianas Web. For many, the whole idea of hidden pages and their mysteries are just Internet legends, but for others, it is a reality waiting in the depths of the Web. What do you think?

Journey to the Depths of the Internet – The Deep Web, Dark Web and Marianas Web Unveiled - Softonic (2024)
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