BIG EAST Announces New Media Rights Agreement (2024)

Conference Features Broad National Broadcast, Cable and Streaming Coverage For BIG EAST Basketball

FOX Sports Continues as Lead Partner with NBC Sports and TNT Sports Joining BIG EAST Media Roster for the First Time

NEW YORK – The BIG EAST Conference announced today a new six-year media rights agreement that will ensure that the league maintains its position as one of the most televised conferences in all of college athletics. FOX Sports, the BIG EAST’s television partner for the last 11 years, will continue as the conference’s lead network provider, with NBC Sports and TNT Sports also providing comprehensive BIG EAST basketball coverage for the first time. The agreement was unanimously approved by the Presidents of the BIG EAST’s 11 member institutions.

The new agreement, which will span from 2025-26 through 2030-31, encompasses coverage on FOX Sports (FOX, FS1, FS2), NBC Sports (NBC, Peaco*ck) and TNT Sports (TNT, TBS, truTV and Max). The agreement will provide major national broadcast, cable and direct-to-consumer streaming coverage of BIG EAST men’s and women’s basketball games and Olympic sport championship contests. The BIG EAST’s current agreement with FOX Sports is scheduled to expire after the 2024-25 academic year.

FOX Sports will feature at least 80 BIG EAST men’s and women’s basketball contests across the regular season and postseason beginning in 2025-26. In addition, the FOX broadcast network will remain the home of the BIG EAST Men’s Tournament Final through 2031.

Peaco*ck will launch its coverage of BIG EAST men’s basketball in 2024-25 with a package of 25 regular season games and five early round and quarterfinal conference tournament games. Beginning with the 2025-26 season, Peaco*ck and NBC Sports will present more than 60 men’s and women’s regular season and BIG EAST Tournament games.

TNT Sports will feature more than 65 regular season BIG EAST basketball games airing on TNT – as its primary network – along with TBS, truTV and Max, beginning with the 2025-26 season.

“Our new agreement that provides coverage by FOX Sports, NBC Sports and TNT Sports will allow the BIG EAST to maintain our already high level of national broadcast and cable exposure while adding first-time streaming coverage for men’s basketball games and expanded distribution of games on the women’s basketball side,” said Creighton University President and BIG EAST Conference Board of Directors Chair Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, SJ, PhD. “The arrangement will provide enhanced revenue and long-term stability for the conference, create benefits for our student-athletes, and allow us to remain nationally competitive in our marquee sport: basketball. We are especially excited to continue our one-of-a-kind relationship with FOX Sports and look forward to building on the exceptional foundation we have established together over the past 11 years.”

“Everyone at FOX Sports is thrilled to continue our long-standing relationship with the BIG EAST, one of the nation’s top basketball conferences and a pillar of our college hoops lineup,” said Eric Shanks, CEO & Executive Producer, FOX Sports. “It’s a privilege to showcase these spectacular student-athletes and institutions alongside our new partners, NBC Sports and TNT Sports, while also fortifying our role as a leader in college sports.”

“BIG EAST Basketball is among the most prestigious in all of college sports, and we’re proud to be able to feature the men’s and women’s teams across our NBCUniversal platforms,” said Rick Cordella, President, NBC Sports. “The BIG EAST has a storied basketball history, and we look forward to showcasing these games as the conference creates more memorable moments.”

“BIG EAST basketball has historically delivered some of the most thrilling teams and moments in college sports, including its most recent accomplishments, and we are excited to showcase the conference and its fantastic men’s and women’s college basketball programs on all of our TNT Sports platforms,” said Luis Silberwasser, Chairman and CEO, TNT Sports. “This agreement further adds to TNT Sports’ portfolio of premium live sports content, featuring championship-caliber college basketball programs and student athletes, and we will utilize all of our assets to elevate the fan experience.”

For men’s basketball, more than 150 regular season games will be distributed on the networks’ various platforms, including all league contests and all BIG EAST Tournament games.

BIG EAST women’s basketball coverage will be enhanced significantly under the new deal, with the networks at least tripling the current contractual commitment under the current agreement up to 65 regular season games and all BIG EAST Tournament games.

BIG EAST Olympic Sport team championship contests will be carried annually as part of the new package, including men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s lacrosse, volleyball, baseball and softball.

The BIG EAST was advised by Allen & Company and Proskauer in its negotiations.

BIG EAST Conference member institutions are located in some of the country’s top media markets and reach over 50 million people. The conference is celebrating its 45th year of academic and athletic excellence following its founding on May 31, 1979.

BIG EAST Announces New Media Rights Agreement (2024)
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